As the Digital Managing Editor here at Fun 107, it’s my job to know what’s going on on the interwebs and what you need to know for your water cooler conversations. Here’s what’s trending TODAY:

Getty Images / Alex Wong

Remembering September 11, 2001

We stand as a nation today, 14 years after the heartbreaking attack on America, to remember the victims who lost their lives, their families and the unprecedented bravery of the firefighters, police officers, EMT's and all those who risked their own lives to help others on September 11, 2001. We remember where we were when we heard the first reports on the news, we remember how we hugged the people we loved a little tighter but most of all, we remember the strength of our country, our morale and the American spirit in the wake of an utterly devastating day.

Justin Bieber Threw a Fit on the Today Show

Following a performance that went on despite the rain, Justin Bieber came up to the camera and basically told them off for being in his way. He said that he “might as well not dance” and walked away. Check out the video by clicking the link above.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Dating Rumors

The newly single stars are both judges on The Voice and sources say that they’re chemistry has been “off the charts”. It could be harmless flirting or it could be something more - I guess we'll have to watch this season of The Voice to find out!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Even though the show never won any awards, it became one of the most popular shows of the 90’s. There have been reports that Will Smith in is talks to bring the show back saying that maybe his son will play him and bring the show back.

iPhone Feature Allows You to Input Important Medical Information 

In case of emergency, it’s vital to have important medical information on hand. The iPhone feature called “Medical Information” allows you to input your date of birth, emergency contacts, blood type and other info. This can be accessed even if your phone is locked.