As most of us know by now, the world of TikTok has consumed the minds of today's youth.

Over the past three years, it has grown substantially popular and has currently been crowned one of the biggest social media apps on the market.

In one of the biggest things to hit the app, a 22-year-old by the name of Jaden Sprinz made Tik Tok videos showcasing his sharp, vampire-like teeth.

In his videos, he would use his pointy teeth to bite into different objects. One in particular was a small package of jelly fruit candies.

He bit into the candy with his sharp teeth, making the jelly inside splatter everywhere, making these jelly/juicy candies go viral.

However, as popular as these candies are, you simply can not find them anywhere.

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I kept coming across statuses from friends who have kids, searching for these candies in desperation.

"What's so great about these candies, anyways?" I asked myself, but since they were impossible to find, it piqued my curiosity.

Then, one day out of nowhere, one of my "mom friends" Jessica Aguiar posted a photo of these miniature water balloon-looking delights with the following caption:

"The things I do for my kids: fruit jelly candy, found in Newport if anyone is looking too (it’s a Tik Tok thing)."

In the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, you'll find a small little convenience store called Leo's Market, located at 162 Broadway next door to Equality Park and right down the street from Newport Hospital.

For the measly price of $6.99, you can walk out of Leo's with the mesh bag filled with these viral candies in hand.

Her kids have been begging her to find the candy, so she did what any good mother would do and went out searching high and low for them. Can you get them on the internet? Of course you can, but I wouldn't trust giving them to my kids if I had any. You never know where they're coming from and the harm it could do.

The next thing you know, Jess left the store with the goods in her hand and a couple of very happy and excited children. Together they tested out the Jelly Juices or whatever the heck they're called and this was their response:

There you have it. If your kids have been bugging you to go out and find these sugary-soaked gel pockets, then take Jess's advice and make your way over to Newport. I would not recommend buying online and if it's truly worth it for your kids, then the drive will be well worth the smiles on their faces.

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