Supporting the SouthCoast community is a core part of Fun 107's mission. Although it is impossible to support every worthy cause on the SouthCoast, we try to get behind as many as we possibly can. We thought it might be helpful to share an overview of the types of causes we support and the different methods we use to support them.

The best matches for Fun 107-backed charity campaigns support the entire listening community. Fun 107 has a very big audience, therefore the charities that affect the greatest percentage of our listening audience are the ones that mean the most to us. Some examples of these types of causes are Food For Tots, Rise Up For Homes and Holiday Wishes.

Fun 107's Food For Tots campaign promotes access to world-class pediatric healthcare for as many children as possible here on the SouthCoast. Rise Up For Homes helps the homeless on the SouthCoast, while Holiday Wishes helps SouthCoast families in need during the holidays. Because they tend to make a big impact on the community at large, these are examples of the types of campaigns with which Fun 107 seeks to create partnerships. Charity causes that aid local children are of particular interest to Fun 107.

While we would love to broadcast live from different school fundraisers and sponsor local Little League teams, our resources of time and money are limited. There are, however, some options to support these types of organizations.

One of Fun 107's strengths is promoting local events. If you have a non-profit, charitable fundraising event coming up, you can make a request to have that event mentioned on the air. Send the who/what/when/where/why info to Maddie Levine. Her email address is We'll review each submission and, if chosen, we'll include it in our rotation of Public Service Announcements during the Michael and Maddie Show. Our goal is to mention the events that affect that biggest portion of our audience. When chosen, mentions for the event generally begin two weeks prior to the event date.

Fun 107 also features a locally-produced public affairs program called Townsquare Sunday. Your non-profit charity may be selected for an appearance on the show to highlight upcoming events or volunteer opportunities. Requests for appearances on Townsquare Sunday should be sent to the host, Jim Phillips, at

Fun 107 has a strict policy of not sharing information about Go Fund Me accounts. Unfortunately, while a vast majority of these accounts are set up by those with the best of intentions, there have also been a number of fraudulent accounts set up. Our company policy does not allow us to share Go Fund Me accounts.

Hopefully, this article is a helpful guide to the types of charities that Fun 107 supports, and how you can submit information to gain your charity some on-air and/or digital exposure.

Thank you for joining us in trying to make the SouthCoast one of the best places on earth to raise a family, work, and have fun.



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