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Fun 107 and ABC6 have the SouthCoast covered for all the latest news, information and weather information, from our team of contributors as well as ABC6 Storm Tracker meteorologists Chelsea Priest, Tim Studebaker and Chief Meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers. From Nor'easters to hurricanes, blizzards to blistering heat, you can get all your weather-related stories here and get daily forecasts delivered right to your phone with the Fun 107 app or by visiting our daily forecast page.

How to Prepare for Power Outages
From getting together an emergency outage kit to navigating food safety and planning for possible evacuations, this list is sure to leave you feeling much more prepared the next time your lights flicker and cut out.
What to Do After a Tornado Strikes
While navigating a global pandemic, one cannot imagine adding a natural disaster into the mix, but that is the reality for many who have recently experienced tornados touching down in their hometowns.

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