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Can we all just calm down about snow on the SouthCoast, please? We live in New England, and when the time is right, there should be nothing new or alarming about snowfall.

All across social media, I'm seeing people freak out about a potential snowstorm this weekend and it's driving me mad. It takes just one person to share an article that might not even be current to get people in a frenzy. This is exactly why milk and bread run out so quickly – people jump the gun and immediately assume for the worst.

This is something I will never understand when it comes to living where I do. It eventually snows around these parts and when it does, it's just something we have to deal with, plain and simple.

I reached out to ABC6 meteorologist Chelsea Priest to put this panic to rest, and just as I assumed, there's nothing to panic over when it comes to the SouthCoast forecast.

"I have cold rain in my forecast for Friday," Priest told me. "Some wet flakes may mix in with the rain on Friday, but I'm thinking as of right now it's more for areas to our north if any at all, but it's still pretty early to make that call."

Studying meteorology in college before I switched over to this radio business, I've got to know a good handful of meteorologist in my lifetime. I can assure you that Priest is among the best and knows her weather, especially when it comes to snowfall on the SouthCoast.

I've never doubted her in the past and I don't intend on doing so now. We're in good hands, people; if and when snow happens, we'll make sure you know it's coming. But for now, no need to panic.

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