It can sometimes be challenging to find a safe playground to bring the kids. One of the biggest things about these spots is that people find out about them by word of mouth. While searching for one, information might be hard to find, along with outdated photos online.

Some playgrounds don't allow the public during school hours, and when it comes to playgrounds on beaches, they may require a parking permit to gain access. Unfortunately, these unknown inconveniences can quickly affect your playground expectations.

With this challenge in mind, we have updated our Ultimate SouthCoast Playground Guide. We've listed playgrounds and parks throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, with a few in Rhode Island if you don't mind traveling.

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Since the last time we brought you a playground guide, a few playgrounds have received upgrades, removing outdated equipment like the beloved purple dinosaur at Dartmouth's Jones Playground.

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One of the newest additions to the list is a pirate-themed playground coming soon to Somerset's Waterfront Park. Swansea also opened a newly updated playground with wooden equipment within Memorial Park on Mills Road.

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Overall, this guide will help you determine whether or not these parks are suitable for your kids. As mentioned before, searching the internet isn't enough for finding playgrounds. We hope this guide can make your job easier, giving you and your kids countless hours of exercise and fresh air.

The Ultimate SouthCoast Playground Guide

The Ultimate SouthCoast Playground Guide features 48 public playgrounds throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Pacheco

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