It's a diet trend that celebrities swear by, but I definitely don't think I could do it.

Recently Jennifer Aniston spoke out about her intermittent fasting diet plan.

For me the word "fasting" in a diet plan sounds terrifying, but I guess the way Aniston does it, it's not that bad.

Still, it is also not for me.

Apparently Aniston's diet plan is to not eat solid food for 16-hours a day and save all her eating for an 8-hour period instead.

Sounds crazy at first, but with 8 hours of that time frame spent sleeping presumably (maybe more for some), she pretty much just skips breakfast.

Instead of eating what my mom always called "the most important meal of the day" Aniston goes for celery juice first thing and a cup of coffee mid-morning to get through until lunch on an empty stomach.

I've done the celery juice thing and can say I had very good results from it, but I always ate breakfast as well.

I am just not a meal skipper. I like food too much.

And I'm much more of a believer in eating something small every three hours to keep your digestive track moving.

I also get hangry quite easily, so no food for 16-hours a day would not be great for those around me.

But for some skipping meals works I guess.

And you can't argue with how Aniston looks, right?

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So would you give it a try? Is this latest celebrity diet craze worth a shot or is breakfast just too delicious to skip?

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