jennifer aniston

Not Rachel?
When you think about big stars from the 90's, the cast of "Friends" are certainly that. However, did you know that Jennifer Aniston may not be where she is if not for a one actress turning down the role of Rachel? So which star was a favorite for the spot?
Funny Aniston Moment
The folks of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 have once again worked their magic with a major celebrity. They took a member of the show, Chris Stark, and put him in a room with the lovely and talented Jennifer Aniston. It wasn't your typical interview, to say the least, but Aniston some how …
Try This Trend: Denim Shorts
Jean shorts (aka Daisy Dukes) are a summer staple. The more tattered, the better, whether you bought them that way or took scissors to an old pair of jeans and started hacking away. Not only can they can make your legs look longer and leaner, they go with everything -- and holes, rips and exposed po…