Celery juice seems to be the health craze of the moment, touted as a cure-all for almost anything. But is it really? Here's what happened for me when I tried it.

Celery juice has been around for years, but recently seemed to be showing up in my social media feeds all the time.

Promoted by Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, he talks about the dozens of health benefits from drinking 16 oz first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

But it was one mom's post about the energy boost she got from drinking it, that convinced me to give it a try.


celery juice
Nancy Hall/TSM

Celery juice is exactly as it sounds. Juiced celery. Nothing more.

And yes, the taste takes some getting used to.

The first day I tried celery juice I was nearly sick. The flavor was overwhelming and drinking the full 16 oz called for literally made me sick to my stomach.

And yet I tried again the next morning, changing my intake to just 8 oz.

I have since worked my way up to 12 oz each morning and have been feeling amazing.

Let me add that I changed nothing else about my diet or exercise routines. I simply added the celery juice to my mornings and here's what I've noticed since.

First off the digestive benefits are noticeable right away.

Without too much detail I'll just say I have never been more regular in my life. I've often had digestive issues from my lactose intolerance, but when drinking celery juice cheese doesn't seem to bother me.

My skin also feels incredible.

I was plagued with acne as a teen and even years later have some scarring from those pimple prone years. But they truly seem to be fading and my skin feels like its glowing.

I sleep much better.

Like many people, shutting down my brain at bedtime was tough. But lately I find myself falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper than I have in a long time.

My energy sustains throughout the day.

The 2 p.m. lull I would often hit seems to have disappeared...without an afternoon coffee. I feel more alert and energized all day, rather than zoning out half way through it.

Clothes are fitting better.

I'm honestly not sure I'm losing weight (I haven't hit a scale since my daughter was born last year), but I know my clothes are fitting better. Every week I'm fitting in more pre-pregnancy clothes and that feels great.

Now I know there are many naysayers on the celery juice movement and like anything it doesn't have to be for everyone.

I guess I can't even say for sure it's the celery juice providing these new health benefits I'm finding.

But even if it's all in my head, I'm happy with the way I'm looking and feeling, so shouldn't that count for something?

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