Hundreds of businesses have greatly suffered during this pandemic, but the hand sanitizer industry is certainly not one of them.

I have always been a fan of using hand sanitizer and my dry knuckles tell me that I’ve been using it far more these days. Businesses are noticing the demand for cleaning products, and one is putting hand sanitizer right in the palm of your hand with a bracelet that dispenses sanitizer.

I’m interested, but how does it work?

A company called Veet has been all over my social media, promoting a bracelet that will help reduce the spread of germs. The silicone bracelet has a chamber where the sanitizer can be dispensed from, eliminating the need to carry around a bottle or put it on a keychain.

My concern is the chunkiness of the bracelet. I am not exactly graceful, and I feel like I would bump my wrist on everything I walked by.

Veet explains that the bracelet holds 15 ml of liquid and is “ideal for those who travel, work in healthcare, service industries, and just about anyone else.” I fit in the “anyone else” column, and I like the idea of being able to sanitize my hands at any given time.  I also like the choice of colors, but a couple questions come to mind. How do you sanitize a sanitizing bracelet, will the bracelet leak, and will it get clogged at any point?

I came up dry with answers for the last two, but when it comes to the sanitation of the bracelet itself, Veet recommends soap and warm water.

I love the concept and I see a lot of benefits, but I am just not totally sold on the design. What do you think?

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