Avocados are a sore subject with a lot of people. They are expensive and for some reason, everyone loves to put them on everything; meanwhile, I just like them in my guacamole.

Now I'm warning you, this article may be the most millennial thing you read all week. Don't judge.

Ok, so maybe I like avocados on a few other foods as well but I recently came across an article of 30 recipes just for avocado toast and thought to myself, really? I just don't get it.
Yes, I know there are lots of health benefits in eating avocados but I feel like this is a food trend that will ultimately be overshadowed when another fruit or vegetable proves to also have substantial health benefits.

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing like sitting at a Mexican restaurant and stuff my face with chips and tableside guacamole, and while I'll order some avocado toast a few times a month, it's not my go-to.

I could literally count on both hands where I would want or expect to have avocado on my plate.

Here are six ways I'm OK with avocados being used. Anything else is just overkill.

Ways to Use an Avocado

How have you used avocados in your daily recipes? I feel like we may be overusing the avocado.

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