Somehow I keep on stumbling across these trending challenges. What is it, the summer of challenges? Guess these will keep us busy.

I will say, I prefer this challenge over the ice cream licking challenge.

I'm not sure what to call this one but it's pretty interesting.

This one involves a stapler, a slice of bread, and a tree. On Reddit, it states this trend started back in 2017. Currently, over 211,000 people have done this "bread stapled to a tree" challenge.

This might be a challenge I can actually take part in. At least the birds would be fed. I'm still diving into why this is a thing.

Some rumors suggest it is to be a "decorating" of the trees. This challenge appears to be somewhat harmless and could be an interesting way to get rid of your bread that's about to go stale.

In case you wanted to read more about this challenge, here is the Reddit group where all they do is talk about and post photos of bread stapled to trees.  In the group, it states three rules for the posting of your stapled bread:

Rule 1: Don't post non-bread.

Rule 2: Don't post non-stapled bread.

Rule 3: Don't staple to non-trees.

They apparently take this very seriously.

Here is an example of the breaded tree, but they suggest getting as creative as possible–maybe something like grabbing some sweet bread from Sunrise Bakery.

If you see any bread in your neighborhood or plan on taking on this challenge yourself, send us your pictures on the Fun 107 app.

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