If one thing makes the warmer seasons even better, it's enjoying your favorite ice cream while soaking up the summer sun.

Right now, that reality may seem like a setback with the recent chilly weather on the SouthCoast. However, as the seasons change, we can't wait to officially put this cold weather behind us and fully embrace spring for what it is.

Spring not only means summer is around the corner but also that seasonal establishments are beginning to reopen.

So if you live on the SouthCoast, we want to help you scout out what are deemed to be some of the best places to satisfy your late-night sweet tooth craving.

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Once again, ice cream lovers took to Yelp, leaving reviews of their favorite establishments that they believe are some of the best in the area for ice cream. The list offers the highest-rated ice cream and frozen yogurt places in New Bedford and surrounding towns.

"Such an awesome family owned and operated candy/homemade ice cream shop," one Yelp user wrote about Dorothy Cox's Chocolate and Ice Cream in Fairhaven. "The homemade ice cream just puts it over the top for us!"

Country Whip in Acushnet got a review for being a favorite spot for this user: "Absolutely delicious ice cream, honestly my favorite place to stop for a sweet treat in the whole area."

Keep scrolling to see Yelp's top-ranked places for ice cream and frozen yogurt in New Bedford and experience these must-try locations.

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