Have you ever been driving down a SouthCoast street and passed the name of a business that made you laugh?

There are restaurants with some interesting names that leave you wondering how that idea came to be. Is the story behind the name connected to history? Is it related to a personal experience? Or was it the first thing that popped into the owner's mind and has stuck ever since?

We reached out to several SouthCoast restaurants to find the meaning behind their unique names, and the results were pretty amusing.

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Walrus & Captain in Marion not only embraced creativity in its name, but it is also a nod to history.

"John Lennon and The Beatles brought the Walrus to us all after the Lewis Carroll poem, "The Walrus and The Carpenter," and, if you look closely at Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, although it's only mentioned once or noted on a map, the Walrus was Captain Flint's pirate ship," the restaurant said. "Our name is a nod to the idea that a bistro makes you feel connected."

On the other hand, Somerset's The Bearded Chicken got its funny name through personal ties and the owner's passion for cooking:

"I guess you could call the chicken on our logo a biker haha. I've always ridden motorcycles and always had a beard. I've also always had a passion for cooking and the dream of doing something with that passion," owner Eric Thomas said. "When we started out almost seven years ago now as catering and event company we wanted to offer food that was different than what was currently offered in the area and there really wasn't any places that specialized in chicken wings. Put that all together and the name The Bearded Chicken was born!"

Other SouthCoast residents have chimed in on Facebook with their favorite weirdly-named establishments, and the responses didn't disappoint.

Next time you pass a restaurant with a funny name, try to find the story behind it. The explanation could be surprising, or at best, a conversation starter.

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