The biggest trend in wedding dresses for 2020 isn't dresses at all. Fashion experts say bridal jumpsuits will be the trend of the new year.

Bridal jumpsuits have been making their mark on weddings for a while now, but according to The Knot's editor-in-chief Kristen Maxwell they will be everywhere this year.

Personally I am not sure I'm on board with the wedding jumpsuit concept.

I can see the positive aspects, like keeping your legs warm at a winter wedding or really breaking it down at the reception. But some of the styles seem a little too casual to me.

The bedazzled wedding jumpsuits certainly looks fancy and dressy, but also kind of look like you may have forgotten to actually put the rest of your dress on...

Ines Di Santo Fall/Winter 2016 Couture Bridal Collection - Runway
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Maybe it's just me getting an underwear vibe from the shorts under the lace pants.

And others are just so simple you might not actually appear to be the bride...

Fall 2015 Bridal Collection - Houghton - Show
JP Yim/Getty Images

I could picture anyone wearing that outfit anywhere. Nothing really bridal about it to me.

This one either...

Houghton Bridal Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show
Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Again I see next to nothing bridal about this "wedding" jumpsuit.

On the other hand something simple like this number looks a little more bridal.

Fall 2015 Bridal Collection - Theia - Show
Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

The lace isn't too revealing, the outfit doesn't look like something you could wear to a beach party, I could definitely get on board with this bridal jumpsuit look.

Of course to each bride their own and no one should tell you how you "need" to look on your big day.

This 2020 trend isn't for me, but it could be perfect for you.

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