It's been our morning ritual for the past 14 days.  First thing each morning, as we gather in the studio before the kickoff to each show, we check in with the ABC 6 Weather Center and see what they are calling for a forecast.  We normally don't care too much about more than what the weather is going to be like today and tomorrow, but for the past couple of weeks we've been focused in on October 21st.  That is Gazelle's wedding date.

Saturday's forecast has been looking a little shaky over the past two weeks.  Maddie and I would try to smooth it over by saying how much weather forecasts change around here and how often they get it wrong, but the fact of the matter is that it's looking very, very likely that Gazelle and his future wife will see some steady rain on their wedding day.

"It just stinks after all that work getting the farm and the barn ready, it's disappointing," Gazelle said a few days ago.

Similarly, it was the first thing his fiancé said when I asked her what her biggest source of stress has been as they are rounding home on the big day.  "Definitely the weather," she said.  "I've got checklists and spreadsheets, but the one thing I can't control is the weather."

The couple is getting married at a tucked away farm in Rehobeth.  The original plan was to have the wedding ceremony on the front yard of the farm, but the weather forecast has pushed those plans to the inside of a barn on the property.

We got an in studio visit this morning from Gazelle's fiancé who took dozens of calls from the Michael and Maddie audience wishing them luck and reminding them that rain on your wedding day is good luck!

Judging by the way they looked at each other this morning, I don't think they'll need it.

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