Wedding bells rang at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River as staff made a special day happen for a hospice patient.

The ceremony was all for the guy in the front row: a patient named John. Despite his health difficulties, John wished to see his son, Alex, marry his best friend and fiancee, Nancy.

On Jan. 24, everyone rallied together to make that wish a reality, creating a special day for John and his family to remember forever. The care team even helped plan the wedding inside the hospital chapel, outfitting the cozy room with wedding decor including white flowers.

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In photos, you can see John sitting attentively, witnessing the exchange of vows between his son and future daughter-in-law.

It speaks volumes when a place that holds so much uncertainty and is often known for experiencing "bad news" can be part of someone's story in such a positive way.

Southcoast Health even acknowledged its appreciation for John's care team for demonstrating to others what it looks like to be "more than medicine," the company's slogan.

Southcoast Health Facebook
Southcoast Health Facebook

Hundreds of people have shared congratulatory responses for the family on social media.

What makes this wedding so special, however, is that it is a reminder that life can still hold beautiful moments, even in uncertain times. It's a reminder that love always shines through. It also proves that it sometimes takes a village to make dreams happen, and that's exactly what Charlton did for this family.

Charlton Hospital is one of three SouthCoast hospitals affiliated with Southcoast Health. Other hospitals include St. Luke's in New Bedford and Tobey Hospital in Wareham.

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