Kilburn Mill via Facebook
Kilburn Mill via Facebook

After a week that brought some layoffs to the Kilburn Mill in New Bedford, there were some questions about the future of weddings and other entertainment featured at the events center.  Those questions arose because the layoffs included staff members that set up and break down the events at Kilburn.  However, Kilburn Mill's ownership says while there will be some changes, the weddings will continue at the waterfront venue.

One of the building's owners, John Ruggieri-Lam, told Fun 107 that the changes will be coming to some of the venue's entertainment lineup.  Over the past several years, Kilburn's Event Center has offered draws like boxing, Greek wedding shows, Christmas events, Easter events, and more recently some line dancing and different theme nights with bands.  "These types of events will be discontinued because there just wasn't enough profit," said Ruggieri-Lam.

"As a business owner, you can't open doors when you lose money each time you do it.  That's not the idea.  The idea is to be profitable," said Ruggieri-Lam.  "We did have a couple of layoffs this week that were necessary to make sure that we trimmed our sails, but Robb DeSimone, our GM is staying on with us.  He'll continue to hire the people necessary to execute the weddings and some other more profitable events, like some psychic mediums we've had."

Kilburn Events Center Will Stay Open

Ruggieri-Lam assured that the Kilburn Events Center will stay open.  "But we have to make it profitable so we can keep the doors open.  Our big concentration is to continue to revitalize the Mill and to continue to bring in new tenants into 2024."

The owner said that while the wedding business has taken a little dip, it continues to be viable.  "Weddings and private parties are generally healthy.  Post-Covid there was a big spike in 2022.  Maybe it's the economy, but weddings have become smaller in size.  People are downscaling.  Weddings are still good events that are profitable.   The volume of the events is about the same, they've just decreased in size a bit."

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