A 9-year-old Dartmouth girl named Lilah got quite the scare this week.

She was in the parking lot of Boost Mobile on Tarkiln Hill Road New Bedford April 23, about to get into her father's car. That's when a freight train plowed into some low-hanging wires by Burger King, dragging down a utility pole.

Lilah's mother, Jillian Prevost, said the metal wire snapped off the pole during the crash and hit Lilah on the head.

Video of the freight train knocking down the pole was captured by Ramsey Nuon's dashcam, who permitted us to use it.  As you might expect, some NSFW words were used as the incident unfolded.

"I heard my daughter scream," Prevost said. "She yelled 'Mom, help me!'  It was pretty traumatizing."

The wire that hit Lilah was a metal tension wire, not an electrical wire. Prevost said she knows it could have been worse.

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Earlier in the morning, when Prevost had arrived to work at Boost Mobile in front of the train tracks, she noticed some work being done to the wires.


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"I'm not sure if it was Verizon or whoever it was working on the phone wires in front of Burger King. I guess it was those wires, they hung them too low and they were low enough for the big train to catch it," she said.

Peter Chasse
Peter Chasse

Other than some redness behind her right ear where the wire struck, thankfully, it seems as if Lilah is fine.

The girl was still shaken up about the incident when she got home and had difficulty falling asleep. Jillian is keeping a watchful eye on her, however.

"She went to school today, but I'm watching her closely for any signs of a concussion," Prevost said.

Here is a picture of the metal tension wire that hit Lilah on the head.

Jillian Prevost
Jillian Prevost

It's unclear what caused the train to strike the wires. No other injuries were reported.

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