Has this birthday party trend come up in your child's circle of friends?

Recently I've noticed a "please no gifts" line on birthday party invitations, leading me wonder if this is a new trend every parent is seeing or if it's just me.

To me, presents are a part of birthdays for a kid. The excitement of opening gifts is huge at a young age. Not to mention the fun of shopping for your friend.

But lately, more than one parent in my daughter's circle of friends have sent invitations with the "no gifts" request.

Of course we honor the request, though I can't help myself and always at least get a card. But it always makes me wonder if I then have to do the same thing for my daughter's birthday.

If we invite the "no gift" family, do I have to tell them no gift necessary, too?

Because I don't really feel the same way.

I know the reason is probably that they feel they already have enough stuff hanging around the house. I can certainly relate there. But I wouldn't take away the joy of opening a birthday present just because it means more stuff.

Presents are a part of birthdays, right?

Am I alone on this? Are presents passé? Should I be adding "no gifts please" to all future birthday invitations?

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