There aren't too many people left on earth who were alive when the Red Sox won their final World Series with Babe Ruth. Dorothy Blackburn is one of them.

Dorothy is a lifetime New Bedford resident, and she celebrated her 105th birthday this week at Jewish Convalescent Home on Hawthorn Street in New Bedford. We got a chance to speak with her Friday morning on Michael and Maddie.

When Dorothy picked up the phone we could immediately tell that she had a pep in her step. There was nothing whatsoever that indicated a hint of tiredness. She was on the ball.

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"I don't see that well and I don't hear that well, but other than that I'm OK," she said.

She was born right here in New Bedford and lived most of her life in the North and West ends of the city.

She remembers working for "a long time, 25 years or more" at a couple of factories that manufactured men's and children's clothing.

Dorothy said she got married and had three children. Her husband has since passed away, but her children live in Florida, Rhode Island and New Bedford.  She said that the years of raising her children were the sweetest part of her life.

"All my years with my children were a good time," she said.

The Million Dollar Question

We asked Dorothy what her secret to such a long life has been.

"Oh, I really don't know," she said. "I just went along and did my thing and lived my life.  I wasn't a health nut, but I didn't smoke. I did enjoy a glass of wine, though."

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