If the movie Annabelle creeped you out, then this DIY Halloween trend is bound to scare your friends and neighbors too. 

annabelle movie poster

Using vintage dolls to decorate for Halloween is all the rage. The creations are easy to make, totally unique and definitely terrifying when you come across them this season.

And after a weekend visit to New Bedford Antiques at the Cove, I know exactly where you can find the dolls to take this trend home.

The folks at this antique shop had a couple of dolls already done up and they are not the kind of thing you want to find in the dark.

Basically you find a vintage doll, paint the face, white out the eyes and any other freaky feature you can think of to make it into a Halloween decoration.

And they had plenty of dolls ready for the DIY treatment.

And if actually doing the painting isn't your thing, there were also quite a few things in the shop that were just weird and creepy all on their own.

So if you're looking for some one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations or just want to kick the creep factor on your Halloween get together up a notch, this new Halloween doll trend could be an easy way to do both.

Or maybe just leave one on your significant other's pillow some morning...that'll get them out of bed!

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