We are used to seeing people with perfectly straight teeth here in America, but in Japan it appears that another way is the new craze.

kristinsgotgoodvibes, Tumblr

If you ask the typical Japanese teenager what procedure they want the most, they might respond with 'a crooked smile'.  According to a Yahoo article, while most of us here in the United States pay for our crooked teeth to be fixed, the latest trend in Japan is a snaggleteeth.Girls are spending hundreds of dollars on dental procedures to actually get crooked smiles. What?

Apparently it's all the rage, and many of the female celebrities in Japan already have the look. Perhaps they have fully embraced that old saying of 'beauty is on the inside' or maybe people in Japan are just plain crazy. Whatever the case may be, Kirsten Dunst is probably happy to hear the news, as the most famous snaggletooth celebrity in the USA.

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