This week has felt like one giant fireball with temps in the 90’s, feeling like the hundreds. My sweat has sweat. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to stay inside, in the comfort of my AC, away from heat exhaustion. I decided to give some shows a try on Netflix that I have scrolled by in the past but deserve a second look.

These aren’t necessarily new shows, but here are three series on Netflix that you should give a try while you save yourself from the sun this week.



Released on Netflix in May of this year, Hollywood tells the tale of aspiring actors and filmmakers in the post-WWII era who are trying to make it big, no matter the cost. I highly underestimated what that “cost” would be. I expected the “tinsel town” version of the 1940s Hollywoodland, but instead, the series unveils the grittier, and much more controversial, side of the industry. Sex, scandals, and juicy scenarios make this series a must-watch. I would recommend watching this show after the kids go to bed.



True story, I clicked on this one by mistake, but after a few minutes into the first episode, I was roped in. Never Have I Ever follows the life of an Indian American teenager trying to navigate her way through typical high school problems with a not so typical upbringing. Devi, the main character, is a first-generation Indian American, and that alone had me thinking I could never relate. As the series progresses, I fell in love with Devi’s awkward demeanor and sticky situations she would find herself in, and it had me reminiscing about a more innocent time in my life when my biggest concern was what my plans were on a Friday night. Based on the life of Mindy Kaling, this binge-worthy series will have you laughing, crying, and craving Season 2.



Originally released on the CW, In the Dark hit Netflix on July 5. A young, blind woman tries to solve her friend’s murder. I watched the first episode last night and I can’t wait to continue it tonight. It’s the perfect brew of comedy, drama, and sass. The main character, Murphy, is filled with sarcasm and rage, making for highly entertaining content as she lives her life in the dark.

Happy binging.

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