There's something about a fresh haircut or new clothes that can instantly transform someone into the best mood. For me, it's a new jacket.

For Christmas, my parents surprised me with a fancy black denim jacket with shiny silver buttons. They know that I've been on a Yellowstone kick lately and have been quite the fanboy of this Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser. He's a bad-ass cowboy who takes nothin' from nobody and it's admirable.

There's something about his ruggedness and work ethic that speaks to me. When I put on that jacket, the charisma starts flowing. I become Rip Wheeler.

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One of the best things in life is being able to tell your story. My Westport roots are strong and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. In the garden, that is. I feel like this persona is justified.

It's clear as day that my coworkers at the Fun 107 studio are getting a little tired of my shenanigans, but hey, I can't change who I am. When I fasten those buttons and place my Stetson hat on my head, a fire ignites and I channel the confidence of a bucking bronco.

@fun1071 Hey @Yellowstone, @Gazelle wants a cameo! #newcoatwhodis #ripwheeler #cowboy ♬ Yellowstone - Acoustic Guitar Chill

Perhaps the mountains are calling to me, and the life I was meant to live is on a ranch somewhere.

How do I stop the yearning? When I take the jacket off, I'm just plain old Gazelle again. Funny what an article of clothing can do.

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