The older I get, the tougher I'm finding the "perfect" gift for my mom on Mother's Day.

Now, before you come at me with "your mom is happy just spending time with you rather than spending money on her", there's a method behind my madness and I'm sticking to it. Especially since this year was far different than years past.

Within the last four years, I've migrated towards the simple joy of culinary arts. Nothing too fancy, but enough to impress a crowd. So, this year, I decided to create a light brunch menu for my mother and family. However, the only mistake I made was going to Market Basket the day before a major holiday. Talk about chaotic.

The day had arrived and we made our way over to my parents house. Once we unloaded the car and brought the groceries in, I got right to work. While I began multitasking, my wife was tasked with passing out the mimosas as a nice appetizing cocktail before the feast.

To start, I kept it simple with some of my famous fluffy eggs I've learned to master, accompanied by bacon, sausage, hand-cut roasted home fries, and buttery english muffins.

Next up, my popular buffalo chicken sweet potato boats (or rounds) were prepped and sizzling in the oven at a whopping 450 degrees. The kitchen wasn't the smallest I've ever cooked in, but it most certainly was a challenge to navigate around. Especially in a house full of eagerly hungry people. Nonetheless, I got the job done and began piling up the dishes, beginning with my mom's.


It turns out that the brunch was a hit, but something occurred to me while cooking. You see, it's easy to cook for just my wife and I, but when it comes to amping up the quantity of each food item while keeping the quality was a challenge. Humbly, one that I crushed, but would probably be reluctant to attempt again.

Overall, as fidgety as my mother was watching me make a mild mess of her kitchen and not knowing what to do with herself for once, my Mother's Day Brunch Menu idea was a smash. Honestly, I highly recommend doing something like thing (along the lines of cooking) for your mom or dad the next time the holiday rolls around. It was rewarding all around, to say the least.

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