In celebration of National Reading Month, which coincides with the birthday of beloved author Dr. Seuss in March, communities across the country come together to celebrate the joy and importance of reading. Regardless of age, the act of reading not only entertains but also enriches lives in countless ways.

Recently, at Holy Name School in Fall River, I was called upon to teach a heartwarming lesson as a guest reader for Pre-K and Kindergarten students with a special book selection titled "Enemy Pie."

As I began to read, the young audience leaned in, captivated by each word and illustration. Initially curious about the choice of book, I soon realized the profound message embedded within its pages. "Enemy Pie" shares a powerful lesson: kindness has the powerful ability to turn "enemies" into friends. In simpler term- be kind to others.

What began as a simple read-along session evolved into a profound lesson, not just for the children, but for myself as well.

'Enemy Pie' taught the importance of being the bigger person in challenging circumstances, treating others with the same respect one desires, and embracing humility and kindness—a strong belief instilled by my own mother, even to this day.

Courtesy Holy Name School
Courtesy Holy Name School

I find it intriguing how much clarity children can bring to light. Through the pages of "Enemy Pie," these young minds learned a valuable lesson—a universal one with no age boundary and reminds of the the pure power of kindness.

As National Reading Month continues to inspire readers of all ages, let us absorb the message of "Enemy Pie." Let kindness be our guide as we bridge the gap of diversity and practice the utmost importance of respect towards one another. Little did I know that these kids would have such a great impact as I left the classroom smiling ear to ear-profoundly happy to know that a difference was made.

Thank you Holy Name School for the opportunity and to all other schools, I encourage you to read and absorb the messages these books have to offer.

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