Have you heard the news? Mini Mozzarella Sticks are back at Friendly's Restaurant and I'm beside myself with excitement.

Back by popular demand, one of the more popular appetizers, the Mini Mozzarella Sticks, have returned to the menu and the serving size is unheard of. With a whopping 30 mini sticks to a serving and 20 for a kid's plate, these cheesy sensations are most certainly made for sharing.

However, those who know me know that I'm always down for a tasty challenge, so I put my stomach and chewing skills to the test.

The goal was 30 Mini Mozzarella Sticks in 60 seconds and the pressure was on. If you recall, back on September 26th, 2023, Michael Rock bet me a free day off if I could eat an entire mac and cheese and hot dogs kids meal in under a minute. It's safe to say that it was a nail biter finish, but I got the job done.

As for these Mini Mozzarella Sticks, on the other hand, I struggled a lot more than anticipated. One by one, the cheese began to fill my mouth making it very difficult to chew quickly. My jaw was on fire and my stomach was filling up fast. The final 10 second countdown shouted out and I knew I had to stuff my mouth or call it quits, and I went with the gusto.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Finishing with a total of 20 Mini Mozzarella Sticks out of 30 was a difficult feat, to say the least, but I refuse to let myself feel defeated. I do not condone this type of tomfoolery and was surround by a couple of CPR certified individuals.

The moral of this story is "sharing is caring" and with Mini Mozzarella Sticks back on the menu and stronger than ever, friends of Friendly's can enjoy a shareable app without the stress of a time limit, nevertheless 60 seconds.

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