I could be very wrong but gone seem the days of high heels on cobblestones in downtown New Bedford.

The approaching Thanksgiving Eve reminded me of the nights out when getting dressed up was part of the fun. However, high heels are no match for the historic streets of New Bedford. One wrong step and you'll be given a free ticket to St. Luke's Hospital with a twisted or broken ankle.

It's the bravery for me.

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These days, I seldom see anyone dressing up in anything besides sneakers, flats and flip-flops. If someone is downtown wearing high heels, they've most likely just left a wedding at the Whaling Museum.

Bar 908 was at the helm of high heels back in the day and getting there was no easy feat.

About four years ago, Michael Rock and I attempted to walk across the cobblestones at the base of Union Street in heels as an experiment. I found it extremely difficult, to say the least. Rock, on the other hand, had no problem at all and rocked the heels like a champion.

Here's video proof.

I'm not exactly sure what made me realize this because my fashion sense is nonexistent. I just have a strong feeling that cobblestones have won the footwear fight.

Nightlife as we know it is much more casual and comfortable these days, rather than flashy and cramped.

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