Her voice is undeniable. I'm pretty sure she has one of the best voices of my generation – which I'm still confused about exactly what generation that is.

Regardless, Alicia Keys has been living her best life in New York with her husband Swizz Beats and her son Egypt.

Alicia has complete control over her career now, producing and releasing music that is truly hers, and man, it's artistically amazing stuff.

She has also been known to have some of the best fashion sense. I think the last time we saw Alicia Keys on a national stage was as a judge for The Voice.

The 15-time Grammy Award winner has been working on new music and dropping some awesome songs on YouTube recently. One of the videos she dropped just a few days ago features Miguel and Savage.

Pretty cool video, right? Lots of edgy fashion that I'd absolutely wear to the clubs in Providence. One item, in particular, has the SouthCoast excited.

Alicia Keys is wearing a Vanson Leather jacket in the video, made right at their factory in Fall River.

I called over to Vanson Leather and spoke with Kim. I was curious, how much did this jacket cost and how do I get one?

The price tag is $899. They are only available through special order and take about six to eight weeks to make. Apparently, they have already received several orders for the jacket since the video released just days ago.

Maybe I'll start a crowdfunding page and get one of these for Christmas. Either way, how cool that Alicia Keys is sporting a brand made right here in our neck of the woods?

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