Regardless of whether we can go out shopping or not, we are still looking at fashion online. Just ask my Amazon delivery guy. I'm still getting clothes.

So why has Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech eliminated its Fashion Design Program?
That's the question many are asking.

Back on April 15, the fashion instructors at the school were notified that the program was going away. As for the reason, we have not been told but many who have graduated from the program can attest to how important it is.

“The fashion industry is split into four main fields: design, manufacturing, marketing/promotion and retail sales,” said Diana Matos, a 2018 graduate of the GNB Voc-Tech fashion program. “Within these fields are hundreds of positions, and our high school program allowed us to explore our options and prepared us for whichever career path we chose.”
Students and teachers alike are asking for this program to be reinstated. While I never got into fashion myself, I do know how important it is to us. The multi-layered industry employs so many people not only on the SouthCoast but around the world. Fashion Design is clearly a field that has endless possibilities for students to explore.
UMass Dartmouth just started a Bachelor's degree for fashion design which indicated that this is the desired field not only for students but also for employers.
Why did they even consider getting rid of this program to begin with? We need those answers. Then we need to know what it will take to make sure it comes back for next year.
Do you think that this program should be reinstated?

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