Chris Herren Speaks at GNB Voc-Tech
Last Friday at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech, retired basketball player and motivational speaker Chris Herren delivered a speech and showed a short movie about who he is and why young adults should take drug abuse seriously.
George Heath Named Carnegie Hero Fund Winner
PITTSBURGH (AP) - A Massachusetts man who died saving a waitress from being stabbed by a mentally ill man and a 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy who died trying to save his father from a house fire are among 20 people being honored with Carnegie medals for heroism...
Get Wild
If you missed his debut performance in 2014, you won't want to miss Jeff Musial the Animal Guy's comeback on Saturday, October 8th!
George Heath Tribute at Voc-Tech
Friday is the last day of Spirit Week at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Traditionally, students are asked to coordinate their dress attire with a certain theme for every day in the school week. With the tragic death of Visual Design teacher George Heath, students have been asked to come into school Friday wearing two different shoes...
JaLoni Owens Responds
  One of the students that called for her resignation is speaking out after the announcement that Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech's Rosanne Franco is stepping down. JaLoni Owens was one of several students that began an online petition to have the school's academic principal removed after they claimed Franco did not appropriately discipline a teacher that made racially charged comments on Facebook la
Franco to Resign
The academic principal at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School has agreed to resign her position. In a press release from the school, Superintendent James O'Brien and Principal Rosanne Franco have entered into a negotiated settlement agreement in which Franco will resign her position prior to the end of her contract...

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