Let's be honest with ourselves, we are all a little weird, a little strange, a little different than each other.

Each one of us has an acquired skillset in which we are able to navigate through specific and particular activities, situations, or life challenges with ease due to our ability to overcome distinct and individual tasks.

For me, it's the confidence in being able to eat a messy meal while wearing an all-white suit or perhaps even just a simple white t-shirt.

Last Saturday, I attended a very limited Friends of Jack Foundation gala that has always been a black-tie event. For the most part, attendees wore regular black suits or tuxedos, but for me, I had to stand out per usual.

One stop at Main Street Formals in Acushnet and I was dressed from head to toe in a fancy-pants all-white suit, with a red bow for contrast. I had American flag suspenders and a blue pocket square with white dots to represent the stars on the flag. As Americana as I was, I still waltzed around in a 97 percent white outfit that would scare off the messiest of eaters.

Once the food arrived to the tables, I knew it was time to put my smiles to the test and I will tell you firsthand that I was able to devour half of a salmon and half of a filet mignon dinner plate without a speck on the white.

You see, in order to have the ability to keep your suit clean, you have to have confidence and that's one thing I'll be proud to have as long as I'm eating saucy entrées and Sloppy Joe's.

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