10,000 Year Old Tooth Found!
Not sure whether this is cool or scary AF... That is a possibly 10,000 year old Mastadon Tooth. A local guy found that on a scalloping trip... Don't ask... Anyway, just imagine how big the animal must have been if the tooth is that large...
How Much Does The Tooth Fairy Leave At Your House?
My daughter is getting to be a big girl rapidly. Baby teeth are now starting to dissapear one by one and she can build a Lego set without much assistance. She is also starting to collect a few bucks from the tooh fairy now that her big girl teeth are ready to come in...
Cher Lloyd has a pretty and near-perfect smile, but she wasn't born that way. She had a gap-toothed grin, one that has since disappeared as she has had her teeth fixed.
Snaggleteeth Trend
We are used to seeing people with perfectly straight teeth here in America, but in Japan it appears that another way is the new craze.