Walls Of Snow
We've had what feels like more than our fair share of snow here on the Southcoast, but over in Japan they actually have nearly 30 feet to deal with! But they've learned to make a super cool tourist attraction from all the winter white stuff.
Storm Strikes Japan
Latest reports reveal the first super typhoon of 2014 is currently battering Okinawa with southwest Japan as its final destination.
Coca Cola To Sell First-Ever Heated Soda
Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale will go on sale first in Japan.   The Coca Cola company says the drink, flavored with ginger, cinnamon and apple features a can that retains the drink's carbonation when heated. The drink goes on sale in vending machines next month in Japan...
Dino Prank
We aren't sure what the show is, or what they usually do, but this right here is awesome. Japanese television is bit more exciting then American TV, that's for sure. This poor guy never even knew what hit him.

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