Most people don't mind being seated next to a baby on a flight. They are just too cute and adorable and genuinely innocent. Flying as much as I do, I have seen plenty of infants on planes, both quiet and adorable babies and the cranky ones.

I do recall one flight I took leaving Boston to Chicago. The baby was definitely feeling discomfort on both take-off and landing. A gentlemen approached me and said, "I paid extra for my seat, I should at least not be sitting in the noisy part of the plane."

I couldn't help but wonder if he chose his seat when he booked his flight or not. Then I was wondering, what if when you booked your flight, you could see where the babies were sitting?

It looks like an airline already thought of just that. Japan Airlines has changed its booking system to show where babies are sitting so you can pick your seat accordingly.

I guess I can understand someone who travels often for business and wants to sleep. Those people do have options, though: earplugs, headphones, and a smile usually go a long way.

Do you think more airlines should adapt to this kind of seating map when you are booking your flights? Would you pay extra just to be able to pick your seat away from babies?

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