Halloween night has looked a lot different over the years. One minute, you’re putting on a princess dress for the first time, and the next minute you are playing drinking games in college dressed as a lumberjack. The past two years have ushered in my new favorite Halloween tradition, and that’s taking my nephew out in the neighborhood for trick or treating.

I may be biased, but my nephew, Carter, is the cutest little two-year-old I have ever seen. He is such a charismatic, outgoing little guy that has just discovered Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand. For his first Halloween two years ago, his mother dressed him up as a pumpkin, and his chunky cheeks and arm rolls were a perfect match to the getup.

This year he’ll be dressing up as a tiger and he’ll be the most ferocious two-year-old on the block. Holidays like Halloween have taken on new meaning since the arrival of my nephew, and I’m sure I’ll be saying that again when I have a baby of my own.

The first Halloween is a momentous occasion, and I’ve noticed that the costumes have gotten much cuter over the years. Gone are the days of mothers sewing together a makeshift costume out of old bedsheets. And even though trick or treating and festive parties have a few restrictions this year, my social media is still filled with proud parents showing off their baby’s first costume.

This year, the cutest little creatures will be on display in their baby carriages. Here are some of the babies of the SouthCoast getting in the Halloween spirit.

The Best Baby Costumes on Their First Halloween

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