Warning, this post contains, as some call it, "Hippy Dippy" information. ...But, if the idea of asking the universe for the things you want in life sounds like something you can get down with, keep reading.

PC: Collective Souls
PC: Collective Souls

We checked in with the local spiritual guides at Collective Souls in Acushnet to get the low-down on these 'Dream Jars' that kept popping up on Pinterest. Oddly, the entire staff had just been given Dream Jars as Christmas gifts so clearly, we were talking to the right people. (They even sent the photo above to prove it!)

As it turns out, a Dream Jar or a Wish Jar is the key to bringing the things want to fruition. You simply take all of the things you dream about having or achieving (big and little) and write them down on pieces of paper, put them in the jar and let the Universe do the rest.  It's more commonly known as the Law of Attraction; the idea that thoughts become things - as made popular by the book (and movie) The Secret.  (But for real, a Law of Attraction Jar doesn't have the same kind of whimsy to it.)

The idea is very simple; you write down the things you'd like to see happen for yourself (buy a home, get promoted, become more confident in your public speaking skills, etc.) on separate pieces of paper and put them in the jar.

Once you've done that much, go about your life and start working towards your goals and the Universe, so the Law of Attraction says, will take it from there.

Love the idea but it's not for you?  Make a Dream Jar for someone as a gift and include all of the dreams you hold for that person. Add a tag with instructions and let them open it in a year to see if your hopes and dreams for them came true.

Got some bad stuff you want to kick to the curb?  Kelly mentioned that people will also write down all of the things they want to get rid of  (things/people/feelings that 'no longer serve them')  write them down on a piece of paper and burned.

We've all got some garbage we'd like to leave in 2017 so why not, right?!  Heck, make it a girls night and just let go of ALL OF THE THINGS!  New Year's Eve is supposed to be balmy 17 degrees here on the Southcoast so you'll likely have a fire going anyway.

However, the Collective Souls folks added that whatever you do to work towards your goals for next year, whether its bring things into your life or letting them go, meditating each day will help you make room for all of the good vibes.

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