To Anyone Who Wished Away This Year As I Did:

Back in March, it felt like this year would never end, but then I blinked, and all of sudden, we are almost done with September.

Like most people, I just wanted this year to end. But I think I wished it away a little too much and forgot to take in the little moments.

I was chatting with my cousin over the weekend and she said something to me that struck a chord: “This year flew by because there are no special moments to hold on to. There were no milestone occasions, get-togethers, or celebrations that break up the year. It was just months of waiting and anticipating.”

Boy, is she right about that.

Back in March, I was planning a wedding. When I decided to reschedule to 2021, I had nothing to excite me for the upcoming year, I just knew I was over the quarantine.

But now that it’s September, and we only have three and a half months left of the year, I wonder if I missed out on enjoying the little things.

It’s kind of like a horse with blinders on; they can only see what’s in front of them as they race to the finish line.

While I was racing to get to the end of this horrendous year, I forgot to look around and soak up the precious moments that I was able to have amongst the chaos.

My fiancé and I ate dinner together more than we ever have before.

I talked on the phone with my parents more.

I started reading again.

I started journaling.

I got a new job.

Even though this year was primarily a train wreck, I hope after reading this you are able to reflect on the little moments you may have had this year that got you through.

This year has given me gratitude and has shown me the beauty of living in the moment.

With that being said, I’m looking forward to bringing those values into a new year and a new start.



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