Our Production Director Jason sort of took on the role of Candy Man when he started putting out this small dish of bite-sized candy. It was the perfect little snack when you wanted something sweet, but didn't want to ruin the whole day with a ton of sugar. 2019 was a great year due to his generosity. I will forever be grateful.

Sadly, Jason has decided to stop filling the candy dish this year.

"I do not want candy within arm's reach all day long. It's just too tempting." - Jason

I completely understand why he can no longer be the Candy Man. He didn't have to buy all of those variety packs every week for us heathens to devour it all within a few days. He did that for us. Now the time has come that his own health and fitness goals must come first. We cannot be selfish.

The question has come up as to who will now serve as Candy Man or Woman. I was nominated by Christine Fox since I usually keep stuff for everyone in my office anyway. While I love making sure that there are always snacks for my work family to nibble on, I cannot step up and be the Candy Woman. With a wedding coming up next summer, I can't have that temptation staring me all day, either.

Gazelle offered to be the next Candy Man, but he shares an office with Jason and that would kind of defeat the purpose of protecting Jason from further temptation.

The picture above shows all that is left of the dish. After that, the drought begins.

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