Valentine's Day is famous for candy and we know the most popular sweet given out on the holiday in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Whether you have a Valentine or not on February 14, you can still enjoy some sugary treats. Just the other day I took a stroll down the CVS aisle and couldn't help but stop and grab some of my favorites.

I know what I like, but what about when it comes to sharing with folks in, say, the office?

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I stumbled upon, which has a map of all the states and their most popular candies. The site claims it used bulk candy sales data for the project.

Here I was thinking the Reese's heart-shaped peanut butter cups were the favorite across the board, but I couldn't be more wrong.

The candy that usually sits on my desks for weeks on end and usually goes stale tops the list in Massachusetts.

Yes, I'm talking about those little conversational hearts.

I was even more shocked that neighboring Rhode Island's No. 1 candy is just plain chocolate hearts.

While conversational hearts are No. 1 in Massachusetts, it appears they are starting to slip, which is probably why this year the hearts have expanded their messages to people in "situationships."

Clearly, Sweethearts Situationship Boxes  are pretty popular as they appear to be sold out.

Look, conversational hearts are fun but I never really liked the taste. It's pretty boring. So, I'll stick to my Reese's this year and I'll be buying mine the day after Valentine's Day, when they go on sale.

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