The start of the New Year will kill your resolutions before you can even begin working on them!

I feel like the start of the new year is the absolute worst time to keep resolutions. Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions have been to lose weight, eat better, hit the gym harder, etc.

The start of the new year happens right after Christmas, so you’re already set up for failure if your resolution is about fitness. The time period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve involves massive amounts of food, which can be looked at as unhealthy. Therefore, it is possible you might have packed on a few pounds.

When the new year begins, it is hard to give up eating those foods, especially when there are still cookies and cakes left over from the many celebrations. It is extremely hard to get into the routine of working out and following a healthy regimen when there are so many goodies laying around.

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions? Are you able to keep them?

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