I like booty boot camp and I cannot lie.

This one is for all the men out there who are looking for a stronger "base" while working out.

Let's be honest. Leg Day is among the least popular workout regimens. Some people loathe it, yet others simply can't get enough. From squats and lunges to calf raises and leg presses, these are all effective ways to get strong legs.

However, it's not enough if you're looking for peak results.

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I've been doing group fitness training since December 2022 and I've been signing up for these booty boot camp classes at least once a week since.

It's a challenge since you're working out muscles you might not have touched before. For me, my hip flexors were never the strongest, but now that I've been consistent with the classes, I feel like I have a stronger base than ever before.

The one thing I'm noticing is the lack of men who attend. As long as I've been going, it's just been me and women. Even though it's a coed class, I'm here to hopefully break the stigma that it's "just for women." I truly believe that men can and will benefit from a workout class that focuses on the glutes as well as the legs.

Confidence is key.

Not only is it a great sweat, but I can't advocate enough how much stronger I feel from the waist down.

You can find similar classes at facilities such as F.I.T.T. by K in New Bedford, B. Balanced Fitness in Fairhaven and Burn Boot Camp in Fall River, among others. Even select Work Out World New England locations offer group training classes that focus on the hiney.

Leap, lunge and deepen the squat with a booty boot camp class and you'll thank me later.

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