This weekend kicks off a very important few weeks for any Crossfitters in your life. For the first time in over a year, Crossfitters all around the world will be competing in the Crossfit Opens.

The Crossfit Opens are a competition for every skill and ability level. From beginner Crossfitters to the most elite, most fit men and women in the world. It's one of the things I love most about Crossfit. Not only do you get a chance to measure your fitness against other people your age around the state, country and planet, you also get a chance to compare your fitness year over year. It's a chance to see how you've progressed (or regressed) over the past 12 months.

While the Crossfit Opens (just like everything else in 2020) were canceled last year, ironically two Crossfit Opens were held in 2019. The opens are typically held in March. In 2019, after holding the opens in March, Crossfit decided to move the opens to the fall. Rather than waiting a year and a half for the next open, they conducted a second open in the Fall of 2019. No one would have thought that the next open wouldn't happen until today. Crossfit used the off-year to switch back to the March open dates.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Callahan
Photo courtesy of Margaret Callahan

The workouts are top secret until the night before. The Crossfit Opens are some of the only days in the year that every Crossfit Gym on the planet does the same workout. I have literally competed in the opens at a gym in Paris. They were doing the very same workout as my normal gym at Crossfit Dartmouth.

This year, there are three levels of competition. RX (which is designed to push even the most elite athletes to their limit), scaled (which is crafted to include older or teen athletes, or athletes fighting an injury), or, new to the competition, Foundations (designed to be modified for anyone). These opens will be the most inclusive opens ever held.

Support the Crossfitters in your life by asking them how they are faring in the opens over the next three weekends.

This week's workout is:

  • 1 Wall Walk
  • 10 Double Under Jumpropes
  • 3 Wall Walks
  • 30 Double Under Jumpropes
  • 6 Wall Walk
  • 60 Double Under Jumpropes
  • 9 Wall Walks
  • 90 Double Under Jumpropes
  • 15 Wall Walks
  • 150 Double Under Jumpropes
  • 21 Wall Walks
  • 210 Double Under Jumpropes

Time cap is 15 minutes.

Athletes have until Monday night to complete and post their scores online.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Callahan
Photo courtesy of Margaret Callahan

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