We saw this new challenge going around online and had a good laugh with it in the office. Mine was "In 2020 I’ll have my own place and I will let you guys be there all the time." Which makes sense for me because I'm looking for a house or an apartment and talk about how I'm going to have friends over all the time.

We decided to ask our listeners to respond to this challenge and they did not disappoint.

"In your phone, Type 'In 2020 I'll' and let your predictive text set your goals for the year!"

Some of these were pretty good and I could actually see them being real resolutions. Like self-care:

"In 2020 I'll be damned if I'm not going to get my nails done." - Justine Beth Montigny

Quality time with friends:

"In 2020 I’ll have a little more time with ya lol" - Brittany Raymond

Law of attraction:

"In 2020 I’ll be happy" - Stephanie Charpentier

Vacation time with family:

"In 2020 I’ll be able to see my family and friends on the road trip to Disney." - Dot Ambrosino

Financial Goals:

In 2020 I'll have a great deal of money to fast forward in the future." - Adam Hart

Fridays off:

"In 2020 I'll be in the office on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday this week." - Liam Poach

Finding love:

"In 2020 I have to get my mom and I a boyfriend lol" - Casey Tremblay

Finding your better side in photos:

"In 2020 I'll see how the best angle is the best angle - Ashley Roberts

Appreciating the little things:

"In 2020 I’ll be a little bit more excited for the weekend." - Sharon Bonvini

Others did not make any sense at all and we have so many questions.

"In 2020 I'll let him know that he has a million crickets and a Leo and a few hours to go." - Tiffany Perreira

"In 2020 I'll have a lot more of the time and I am strong and I have no choice to go in my own time and I have no idea how much money you can get and the other people who have a lot to say i don't want you can get me to chill." - Amy Hayes

The one with no regrets:

"In 2020 I’ll have to get a tattoo." - Samantha Grota


The one that just seemed all too realistic:

"In 2020 I'll get back on the couch. Haha" - Siera Silva

One made us want to invite ourselves over for dinner:

"In 2020 I'll be checking out the chicken and veggies for dinner tomorrow." - Sonia Gil Felix

This one seems morbid:

"In 2020 I'll get you a giant hole for you to participate in." - KP


This one seems like it came out of a fortune cookie:

"In 2020 I’ll bet you guys will get to see me again someday shine” - James Walker Jr.

Show us your 2020 goals via phone predictive text on our Facebook page.

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