It's the latest social media challenge and it's apparently making middle school students in Rhode Island sick. So what is the 'One Chip Challenge' and is it hitting the SouthCoast too?

Although not nearly as dangerous as the 'Tide Pod Challenge' from several years ago, the 'One Chip Challenge' is making its fair share of people sick as well. At least that's what parents of middle school students in Warwick, Rhode Island have been told by school officials.

Parents of kids who attend Warwick Veterans Middle School were sent an email this week telling them about several students becoming ill after eating the chips that are part of the 'One Chip Challenge.' Seems they were taken to the nurse's office with upset stomachs due to the insanely spicy chips.

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So what exactly is the 'One Chip Challenge'?

It is pretty much as it sounds. People are challenged to consume a single, insanely spicy tortilla chip made by the Paqui company.

Paqui makes several kinds of spicy tortilla chips, but their new viral challenge packages one single chip spiced with Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper and the concept is if you can keep it down, you have won the challenge.

While eating a single hot chip doesn't seem that terrible, it turns out these extremely hot chips can have some serious consequences to your stomach. In fact the capsaicin, a compound found naturally in chili peppers, in these particular chips can be so strong that there is the potential for it to cause heart attacks or permanent esophageal damage.

That's some serious spice.

For now, the reports out of Rhode Island are just stomach aches and sore mouths from the students who have tried the chips. Enough however for school officials in Warwick to ban the chips and opt to punish any student who brings them in.

The package itself does warn people not to eat if they are sensitive to spicy foods, allergic to peppers, nightshades or capsaicin or if they are pregnant. There's also the warning to wash your hands after touching the chip, as you can only imagine how getting these spices in your eye might feel.

Whether you are brave enough to try the 'One Chip Challenge' for yourself or not, these chips clearly have consequences and for now, school officials in Warwick, Rhode Island don't want to see these things in their schools.

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