I've seen so many people sharing their resolutions in the past few days and I love seeing what everyone plans for the next year. Here a few that stood out. 

I guess it's probably only fair to share one of my resolutions before I start copying other people's. The only resolution that I could think of that made me excited and felt like something I'd want to stick to was making sure I get outside for (at least) a half hour every day in 2019 - unless it's terrible weather. I notice such a huge difference in my mood and overall mental ~well-being~ when I don't spend my entire day in my office or inside (or on the couch watching The Office). And it seemed like something that was do-able so it doesn't feel like a "chore" to stick to it.

It made me notice some other resolutions that weren't just "lose weight", "save money", "stop smoking" (not that those aren't all great resolutions.) Here are a few that stuck out to me:

-Try a new eatery (cafes and delis count) in 2019 - doesn't have to be a big splurge buy either. Maybe it's just getting a coffee from somewhere new if you normally go to Dunks.

-The hanger trick to getting rid of old clothes: basically, you put all your clothes on hangers facing the same way. When you wear something, put it back facing the OPPOSITE way so it's clear at the end of a month, season, or year what you've worn or what just sat. Donate the stuff that hasn't moved.

-Someone called the show yesterday to say that while she doesn't believe in resolutions, she was making a committment to having a more positive outlook in 2019. So whatever that means to you, it's always nice try to find the bright spots every day.

-Do something nice for someone every day or at least a couple times a week. Again, this could be something small like buying the person behind you in line's coffee, taking out the trash in the office kitchen so someone else doesn't have to, or doing the chore at home that you know your partner hates doing.

-Saying 'no' to things you know you have no intention of doing or have no interest in doing. I think we all feel a certain pressure to say 'yes' to everything whether it's work-related or a party you don't really want to attend. If you say 'no', respectfully and gratefully, right from the get-go, you aren't stuck trying to come up with a last-minute excuse to bail or spending days agonizing about doing the thing you don't want to do.

If you have a resolution this year that's not just your run of the mill resolution, share them with me on Facebook.



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