Maren Morris is a staple in the country community. We know her from the song she did with Zedd, "The Middle," which honestly is still a bop.

Maren has a song that has been on her Girl album and she has been looking to have a male voice on her song "The Bones."

She found one of the most unique male voices to jump on the song with her. Which, by the way, I didn't think the song needed – but once I heard who she had on, I completely changed my mind.

We know Hozier from his song "Take Me To Church." The song quite literally took us to church. He won lots of awards for the song and has been touring and working on new music ever since, and as a matter of fact, just recently dropped an album called Wasteland, Baby.

This song is clearly heavy when it comes to the lyrics, but both of these artists have the heart to sing it. If you missed me playing it on the air, here is the song:

Pretty good, right? Definitely two very awesome vocalists in this song. It may be a stretch for the Fun 107 playlist but I'm not the one that decides that – you are. Is it too "country rock" for us? Am I overthinking and this is a total bop as well?

Time for you to get to voting. Is this Maren Morris and Hozier song wicked good or totally whack?

Tell us and help us decide whether this song should be on the Fun 107 playlist.

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