As if I needed to tell you, this summer is shaping up to be a pretty cruel summer, and Taylor Swift has just the song.

It's been a year full of drama for Taylor Swift and while most of us are pretty tired of hearing about the rich people problems that she is having, she can still write a song that relates to so many of us.

Taylor Swift's Lover album won't have an accompanying tour, at least not this year anyway. It will, however, continue to put out some hits on the radio. At least Taylor Swift hopes you like it enough to want to blare it in your backyard.

The title of the song pretty much sums up what the next few months will be: "Cruel Summer." It's an upbeat song that is reminiscent of "Look What You Made Me Do," without all the subtle heat messages for all of her haters.

It does have a cool summer vibe to it. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing it yet, take a listen:

It's not a song that digs at any one person or is very political, as we have seen in her past few releases. The song is pretty ironic since this summer may be one of the cruelest.

I got to know what you think. Is the summer of 2020 going to be cruel or kind to Taylor Swift's new song?

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