Just in time to heat things up, the Jonas Brothers bring us a sizzling new song with Karol G called "X."

Somehow I knew nothing could stop these boys from being a big part of our summer again this year. If you remember, the JoBros basically owned last summer.

The boys have managed to deliver for their fans even in the midst of a pandemic, sharing a new documentary on Amazon Prime and taking full advantage of their social media platforms to stay connected to their fans. No, the boys are not all together, nor are they even in the same state or time zones. One is on the East Coast and the two others are in their homes in California.

If you haven't heard the song yet, it's got this sultry sound to it. These three boys can clearly make a hit all on their own but this go-round they decided to pull in the extremely talented Karol G. She is a Colombian singer and songwriter who is mostly known for her reggaeton beats.

So what does this song sound like? Take a listen if you haven't heard it yet:

It's got a great beat and lots of sex appeal. Do you think the boys have another summer of taking over the radio airwaves with this song? Personally, I think it needs a salsa dance challenge for TikTok before I'll even consider it.

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